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Feed America First is a faith-based hunger relief organization. We collect large scale food donations from manufacturers, growers, distributors, and other charities, and then distribute that food at to some of the numerous small agencies already engaged in hunger relief in our poor communities. We currently supply about 200 agencies, most of them on a monthly basis. These agencies are on the front lines. They are children's homes and church pantries, homeless shelters and substance abuse recovery centers. Often, they are neighbors helping neighbors, and, as is common in rural America, those doing the giving hardly have any more than those who receive the help.

We believe that hunger will no longer be a problem in America when we refuse to allow our neighbors to go hungry.

Feed America First was chartered in June 2000 with the mission to "provide food to those who feed the hungry." So far we have distributed almost 30 million pounds of food to agencies in Tennessee, Mississippi, Alabama, and beyond. For every dollar donated we have been able to provide about 12-15 meals.

Feed America First is a lean no-frills operation. In 2011 we donated almost 5 million pounds of food, with a staff of four, mostly donated equipment, and dozens of volunteers. Feed America First must raise $350,000 in 2012, which we expect to do with our monthly newsletter, web site, fundraisers such as our summer Golf Tournament and Fall Banquet, and grant support.



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Did you know that for each dollar donated Feed America First has historically provided enough food for 12-15 meals? Or that an estimated 22,000 families each month receive food from Feed America First?

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