Change our community one meal at a time.
In Tennessee, 1 in 4 children doesn’t always get enough to eat. You can help feed the hungry ones by providing food for them through our Alternative Christmas Gift Program. We will send you a Christmas card to pass on to a loved one, letting them know you have made a gift in their honor. The Christmas card features our design pictured below, featuring stockings stuffed with bread and fish.

Every $10 you donate to our Alternative Christmas Gift Program provides enough food to feed one family in need for one week. Fill your shopping cart and feed hundreds! Use the drop-down menu below to select the level of your gift. 
- Plate Provider feeds a family of 4 for one week: $10
- Table Setter feeds a family of 4 for one month: $40
- Pantry Filler feeds a family of 4 for a season: $125
- Storehouse Stuffer feeds a family of 4 for a year: $500
Your one-time gift will feed a family for:
Christmas Gift