How You Can Help -

Food Sources Needed

Almost all of the food distributed by Feed America First is donated by manufacturers, distributors, transporters, growers, or other charities. A very small percentage of food, usually dry rice and beans, is purchased with grant money. 

Most of our food is the product of some relationship. Our solid relationships with numerous companies have led to steady supplies of foods. Most companies want three things from us, or any charity: They want to be reassured that the food is going to a reputable organization, they want the food to be handled safely and properly, and they want us to come immediately if they call. The better we are at those items, the more often they will call us.

Ask Around

If you have a relationship with someone in the wholesale food business, ask them what they do with their SALVAGE. Overstocked products which are approaching their "sell-by" dates, or products in damaged cases, are in this category. Feed America First can respond quickly to pick up and transport large-scale donations, and can provide documentation of our nonprofit status for the tax consequences.

Be Creative 

  • Theme food drives like "A Taste of Mexico", competitions between classes, schools, offices, or early and late services all work
  • The "Turkey Tree"" project, similar to the "Angel Tree", provided 400 turkeys for Thanksgiving.
  • One church each month challenges its congregation: Peanut Butter versus Jelly competitions, or Rice versus Beans, or tuna vs. beanie wienies, helped fill many food boxes.