Drive Out Hunger in Feed America First's golf tournament at Westhaven Golf Club!
FAF calls for support to equip new food distribution center
Feed America First is set to move into a new facility by this summer, but funding is needed to complete the building  READ MORE
FAF Founder Tom Henry featured on WSMV-TV's Pay it Forward segment
"The better we get at giving food away, the more opportunities we'll get to give it away," says Tom in the interview. Watch Video

Feed America First begins Operation Upgrade
project to fund trucks, other critical equipment

In order to upgrade its equipment to meet current needs and prepare for future expansion, FAF has begun an 18-month, $230,900 fund drive! Read More

Why Feed America First?
My partner Don Herbert and I chartered Feed America First in June 2000 because we witnessed hunger in rural America. In the US, the richest country in world history, how could we have neighbors (and their kids) going without food? Read More

Video Overview of Feed America First
Director Andrew Rozario tells the Feed America First story with color, time-lapse, and drama in this creative 5-minute production. Please take a look at this! Read More

View Feed America First's Annual Report Feed America First believes in true transparency. Our annual report offers highlights from all of our operations from last year! Read More

Your Gift Will Have
Significant Impact! 
Did you know that for each dollar donated Feed America First has historically provided enough food for 12-15 meals? Or that an estimated 22,000 families each month receive food from Feed America First?

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