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With his last $2,000, Robin Crow cleared a plot on some run-down farm property in Franklin, Tenn., and began recreating his life. For the next three and a half years, his strategy was simple: He stayed focused and continued to put one foot in front of another, no matter what. Out of that clearing emerged the multi-million dollar Dark Horse Recording Studio complex, and from that success sprung a list of recording clients that includes such well-known artists as Faith Hill, Taylor Swift and Tim McGraw.

Drawing from his own experience, Robin has since packaged his lessons learned into three best-selling books and a rapidly growing career as a motivational speaker. In the midst of his success, Robin wanted to pass his blessings on by using a recent batch of his own recordings as a vehicle to help others. "It had been a project that was almost like a passion project," Robin said. "I had been working on it for about four years, and by the time it was reaching the end, there were so many people on it, I thought, Wouldn't it be nice if all of this just went to a great cause?" Thus, "Let it Glow" was born, a recording benefiting Feed America First, a Franklin-based hunger relief agency.

What sets this project apart from most is that all musicians, producers, printers, and everyone else associated with the project donated their time and efforts, so there is absolutely no overhead. "How many times have I seen a project when they say all of the profits go to a great cause, and there ends up not being any profits at all?" Robin asked. "So I wanted to do something radical -- everybody pitched in, so we don't have to pay anybody for it, so 100 percent of the gross income goes to Feed America First."

Feed America First is a non-profit hunger relief agency headquartered in Franklin, with a food distribution warehouse in Murfreesboro. The agency's mission is to provide food to those who feed the hungry. To fulfill that mission, Feed America First provides food, free of charge, to about 250 church food pantries, women's shelters, children's homes and other similar organizations in 80 counties in Tennessee, Mississippi and Alabama. Through those efforts, Feed America First helps feed about 26,000 families each month.

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Robin Crow - www.robincrow.com

Founded in June 2000, Feed America First has historically been able to provide 12 to 15 meals for each dollar donated, placing it among the most efficient non-profits in the country. Last year, the organization passed on more than 5 million pounds of food to our hungry neighbors. "I really believe in the organization, and it just seemed like it would really be a good fit," Robin said. "It just felt like it would really be exciting that if the few dollars we raise, that all that money would really have an impact. The organization is so financially efficient, and when you take that concept and take the concept of donating 100 percent of the income, it just seemed like it would be a great fit."

The album features an eclectic blend of modern instrumental music, which varies in mood from mellow to intense. Robin described it as having the feel of a motion-picture soundtrack. "There are a few songs that probably have 30 tracks of percussion, and all of that just really makes for a very cinematic experience," he said.

Jon Anderson, of YES fame, Phil Keaggy and Tracy Silverman join Robin on the album, with one song, Heaven Sent, featuring lyrics written and sung by Jon Anderson. "Jon has always been one of my biggest heroes," Robin said, "so it's just real exciting to have him contribute that and have this piece on the record - it's one of my favorite pieces on the record."

The recording features eight tracks and sells for $19.95 for one audio CD, and $29.95 for three audio CDs, and every bit of that goes straight to Feed America First. Let it Glow is available at http://www.robincrow.com/ as well as the Feed America First website. Robin also offers the CDs at his many motivational speaking engagements across the country.

Let it glow was released in the spring of 2011, and so far, More than 500 copies have been sold. "I would love to raise $50,000 in a year, which would probably be selling three or four thousand copies, and that's probably a pretty big goal, but that's the goal," Robin said.

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Did you know that for each dollar donated Feed America First has historically provided enough food for 12-15 meals? Or that an estimated 22,000 families each month receive food from Feed America First?

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