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We met this child several years ago. We named her Roberta, and she is the face of hunger in the US. She lives in a mountain village with her six brothers and sisters and her mom. They have a trailer with no electricity and they draw their water from a muddy pond down the lane. They don't own a car and jobs are scarce, so Roberta and her family are always hungry, and have to depend upon the kindness of others.

Roberta is not from a third world country. She lives in Middle Tennessee, within 100 miles of Nashville. She and her family are among the 38 million Americans considered "food insecure": they are at risk of missing meals while they pay for medicine, rent, or utilities.

With so many jobs gone overseas and a struggling economy, our small towns are in crisis. Those who can move away to find work usually leave, and our small rural towns are quickly becoming pockets of the elderly, the sick, the disabled, and the poor. They become concentrations of single mothers struggling to feed their children and elderly folk stretching their government checks as far as they will go.

There is hunger in America. The USDA estimates that 1 in 5 American children are hungry. And yet, a quarter of all food produced here is wasted. This is where Feed America First comes in.


There is so much more for us to do. There are so many more poor communities in need, so many more people turning to their neighbors for help, and so much more food being wasted every day. And times only seem to get harder for the poor, sick, and elderly in our communities. We can get food to those people going hungry, and to those people who face making a choice between food and medicine. We can help Roberta and others like her. But we have to have the means to do it. Every dollar donated to us provides 12 - 15 meals. We need your help!


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Did you know that for each dollar donated Feed America First has historically provided enough food for 12-15 meals? Or that an estimated 26,000 families each month receive food from Feed America First?

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